I See Fine. Why Do I Have To Get My Eyes Dilated? The Importance of Having a Dilated Eye Exam

Although your eyes may feel healthy and you may see perfectly, there are many eye diseases that can be discovered through a dilated examination.  Many serious eye conditions are silent and symptom-less until the advanced stages of disease.  Early detection of eye disease is essential in preserving and preventing vision loss from sight threatening eye disease.  Unfortunately, many eye conditions cause vision loss that is irreversible once the damage has been done.  

Conditions diagnosed with a dilated examination


-Macular Degeneration

-Diabetic Retinopathy

-Retinal Tear or Detachment

-Ocular Tumor

-and many more


During a dilated exam, drops are instilled into the eyes to enlarge the pupil.  This creates a bigger window for the eye doctor to see through, enabling him or her to examine all the structures inside the eye.  These structures include the vitreous, optic nerve, macula, blood vessels, and all structures of the retina.  Did you know that a dilated exam is the only non-invasive way to view the optic nerve, part of the central nervous system?  Once the dilating drops are instilled, the dilation can take up to 20 minutes to enlarge the pupils.  The eye doctor then uses a magnifying lens and microscope to carefully inspect various structures inside the eye.  The effect of dilation causes blurred vision mostly at near for approximately 3-4 hours, along with light sensitivity.   So bring your sunglasses with you and plan on not doing close-up work immediately after your dilation.  


The National Eye Institute recommends diabetic patients and those over the age of 60 to have a comprehensive dilated exam at least yearly.  Dr. Perez recommends most of her patients to have a dilated examination every year. Dilated exams are so important since many eye conditions have no early symptoms.  Call Chelsea Eye Associates at (212) 257-0007 to schedule your dilated examination with Dr. Perez.  An eye exam can save your vision!


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