5 Tips to Safely Stay On Trend with Eye Makeup


Metallic eye looks are in this fall. Rose gold, silver, and gold shimmer are the biggest runway trend this season.

NewBeauty.com suggests a light wash of color powder for a subtle daytime look. For evening, shadows in a crème formulation can create a heavier, more dramatic effect. (You can even combine crème and a powder together- a base of crème shadow, and a layer of powder create amazing dimension.)

But when applying makeup, be sure to keep your eye health in mind. 

Here are 5 tips for applying eye makeup safely:

1)     Always apply makeup outside the lash line and never apply eye makeup over the oil glands that line the very edge of your upper and lower lids. 

2)     Always remove your eye makeup before going to bed.  Sleeping with eye makeup on can lead to clogging of the oil producing glands and lead to eye infections.

3)     Keeping makeup applicators clean is critical to preventing eye infections. 

4)     Avoid sharing makeup with anyone else or using makeup past its expiration date.

5)     Always wash your hands.

OMNI Aesthetic MD