How to Combat Fall Allergies: Tips and Tricks for an Easy Autumn

Fall is in the air--and so are allergens!

Autumn is one of the worst times of year for allergy sufferers. Allergies can cause significant discomfort and interrupt daily activities with annoying symptoms. For many, that means sneezing, sniffling, and red, itchy, watery eyes. Other symptoms include sensitivity to light and swollen eyelids. The most common allergens during these fall months are ragweed and mold.

Here are some tips to minimize your eye allergy symptoms:

  • Wear sunglasses. Protective eyewear can help keep allergens floating in the air from getting into the eyes
  • Keep your windows closed when pollen levels are high
  • Contact lenses can accumulate airborne allergens so make sure you are cleaning them properly, and replacing them on time; Otherwise, consider avoiding using contacts and wear eyeglasses. Allergies can also cause discomfort with contact lens use
  • Swap your pillows and wash your pillow cases often.  Allergen resistant pillows can also be beneficial to your eye health and comfort
  • Pay attention to pollen forecasts.  Keep track of when certain allergens are high on and stay indoors during these times.
  • Avoid itching your eyes. (This will only increase the amount of itching and swelling of your eyelids.)  Instead, use a cool compress over your eyelids.
  • Artificial tears can temporarily flush allergens out of the eye. These over-the-counter drops can soothe and comfort dry and irritated eyes. 
  • If you these tips don't work to relieve your symptoms, visit your eye doctor who can diagnose and manage eye allergies and give you specific advice. Both prescription and over the counter medications may be beneficial to allergy sufferers

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