Your eyebrow position plays a big part in an overall facial expression and can indicate feelings of sadness, anger, confusion or alertness. As we age, the brows naturally droop and can cause a person to look like they feel angry or tired when they actually feel peaceful or wide awake. Eyebrow lift surgery can correct the low eyebrow position caused by the natural aging process. The best eyebrow lift doctor is one that doesn’t just fix drooping brows, but takes into account the entire area. At our New York City practice, Dr. Eviatar will often do eyebrow lifts in combination with cosmetic eyelid surgery to achieve an overall natural and youthful appearance. But, it all depends on what each individual patient needs.  

This procedure can be performed directly in the hairs of the brow (if the brow is thick enough), indirectly through an eyelid incision when combined with cosmetic eyelid surgery, or through very small incisions near the hairline. Endoscopic eyebrow surgery is performed through very small incisions near the hairline. With the use of an endoscope camera (a very small pencil-like camera), there is a clear view of the muscles and tissues beneath the skin that are being treated.  

Dr. Eviatar has been featured in the press for his innovative use of Bio-glue to secure the lift in endoscopic brow lifting. This product, used in heart surgery, makes this procedure less invasive and more tailored to the brow shape. The advantages of these techniques are smaller incisions, faster recovery and a more natural look.  

Immediately after surgery you will experience some temporary swelling and bruising in your eyebrow and forehead areas which may last up to 10 days. You may also experience mild discomfort at the surgical site, which is typically controlled with doctor-prescribed oral medications. Head dressings are removed within a few days after surgery and then you can usually shower and wash your hair. It may take several months to see the final results, but improvement is visible within 2 weeks. The goal is for an entirely natural and subtle result and often these procedures are combined with fillers or fat transfer for the most pleasing contours.  

Unless your brow position is affecting your field of vision, the procedure is not considered “medically necessary” and therefore is not covered by health plans. However, we do offer a free evaluation and 0% interest-free financing for 12 months.